Why VelocIITy?

Why VelocIITy?

Why students and parents opt for velocIITy classes?
  • High Qualified team of directors with vast experience of training and facilitating to achieve top ranks in IIT-JEE consistently over many years
  • Well-Designed Curriculum.
  • Best-In-Class teachers who are continuously trained by workshops reading the best practices of teaching.
  • Best-In-Class study and practices material- we don't dump the students with the all that is available in market.Our objective is to provide perfect clarity of concepts and just necessary practice to the student so that HE/SHE can solve on his/her own,any new question given on the same concept.
  • A challenging study atmosphere -not overwhelming.
  • Integrated curriculum with CBSE and SBSE textbooks - we don't neglect them.
  • Leverage the technology - video lectures of eminent faculty.
  • Immaculate system of administration which ensures the implementation off the curriculum impeccably.
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