Education is what gives the courage to pursue our dreams.All through history,the progress of mankind in inevitably connected to education.The desire to learn and achieve new skills is what separates humans from the rest of the natural world.The thirst for knowledge and the desire to improve upon the status quo is what drives mind and its evolution towards excellence.In the journey towards excellence,to assist ordinary people,at a given moment in history,mankind established educational institutions.

Teach With Passion

Our philosophy is simple - Sky is the limit for a passionate leaner.We teach with passion and inculcate in the learners a liking for what they do. We at VelocIlTy believe in learning on one's own pace retaining the students' originality. We make them work joyfully towards realization of their goal. When the effort is put sincerely and happily,the rewards reaped will be more satisfying.

Taking On Challenges

Preparing for competitive examinations such as JEE (Main& Advanced) is a daunting task for young minds. Students will have to put in lot of handwork for a few years to achieve what they have dreamt of. A highly qualified team with vast experience in training the students for JEE (Main &Advanced) can ease the burden a little by designing the right curriculum and creating a passion for learning.

Special Classes

The students coming to VelocIITy will not have same level of IQ in a given subject. Hence all the students may not be able to understand the content delivered completely in the first go. VelocIITy will reach out to all those students who need help by arranging special classes periodically.

Video Lectures

When students listen to a concept repeatedly and at their comfortable time, they tend to understand the concept in a far better way. For this reason, VelocIITy is going to use the technology and all the lectures are recorded.The same will be supplied to students who need them.

Doubt Clearance

The faculty is available for clearing the doubts. They are also accompanied by associate faculty who will help clear the doubts. During doubt coating hours, the teachers and the accompanying staff will be among the students and the students are encouraged to interact with them and clear all their doubts.

Motivational Classes

Qualified counseling staff will interact with the students on a regular basis. Regular motivational classes are conducted to inspire the students and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses and thereby helping them plan to achieve their targets.

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