Director's Message

Team Of Directors

  • M. Radhakrishna
  • Founder Director,
    Senior Maths Faculty.
  • S. Vamsi Krishna
  • Founder Director,
    Senior Physics Faculty.
  • Y. Lawrence
  • Founder Director,
    Senior Chemistry Faculty.

    "An exhilarating new beginning has just been made in the field of serious education. VelocIITy is here to nurture the student's dream to reach the pinnacles in a refreshing way with our vast experience in the field. For us at VelocIITy, making the learner 'Learn with Liking' is paramount."

    Few years ago, the coaching institutes have cracked the code of clearing the competitive examinations by repetitive practice of set model of problems and forcing the students to 'Rote learning'. The authorities in the boards of IITs and NITs have realized that the quality of students entering into the premier institutes is steadily declining. They have resorted to new patterns of question papers to put a check on rote learning. It is known that in future the boards are only going to make it tougher by introducing various modes of testing the students about their conceptual clarity and depth of knowledge. Elimination and substitution methods are no longer going to help the students in the competitive examinations. The only way out is to focus on conceptual clarity with appropriate amount of practice.

    Teach with Passion,

    Learn with Liking & Excel with Pride

    Our philosophy is simple - Sky is the limit for a passionate learner. We teach with passion and inculcate in the learners a liking for what they do. We at VelocIITy believe in learning on one's own pace retaining the students' originality. We make them work joyfully towards realization of their goal. When the effort is put sincerely and happily, the rewards reaped will be more satisfying.

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