IIT JEE Coaching Center in Hyderabad-VelocIITy

VelocIITy Edge

(One Year Classroom Program Which Prepares Students For IITJEE (Mains & Advanced)
A program specially designed to nurture the talented but missed out on the first attempt due to various reasons. It is designed to remove any misconceptions they have along with giving perfect clarity on concepts and applications skills.
Main Features
  • Covers Class XI and XII up to JEE (Advanced) level
  • More emphasis on JEE Mains, BITSAT, VIT, EAMCET
  • Special emphasis on clearing the common misconceptions
  • Exposure to all other Engineering Entrance Exams
  • TAB aided learning, performance assessment through technology
  • Periodic academic motivational sessions
Exclusive Academic Features
  • Comprehensive VelocIITy study material prepared by R&D team consisting of Expert IIT-JEE professors having vast experience in producing JEE ranks
  • Classes handled by the best in the field of JEE
  • VelocIITy Practice Sheets(VPS) everyday
  • Every teaching session is followed by a working session in the presence of SLs & ALs
  • Student adoption system by ALs for personalized care
  • One AL for every 30 students for doubts clarification
  • JEE mains test on every Saturday, Advanced test on Monday.
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